Who is that distinguished grey haired gentleman on our website, one may ask? Here is a little bit about the man behind the picture.

Dean Larson has lived a full life. To share about Dean one must share about his lovely wife, Paula. Married for 56 years, they have traveled the world together. Dean worked for Texaco for years as Assistant General Manager. Early on in their marriage they were stationed in Central America . While living there they were blessed with two boys who have since grown up and have families of their own. They are the proud grandparents of four exceptional grandchildren! Dean and Paula celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by taking the whole family to one of their favorite places to cruise, Alaska, making wonderful memories for the family to share. Over the years the Larsons have enjoyed seeing the world both through work and cruising. 

Dean and Paula treasure their Port Ludlow home and it's stunning view of the channel. He feels like he is on vacation while at home. He and his wife are active members of their local church where Dean serves as an elder on the board. They enjoy working in the yard, playing card games and board games, including their current favorite, Rummy Kubes. 

How did they end up in Port Ludlow, you might wonder? It all started as they were looking at a magazine of the Pacific Northwest and wondering where they should retire. Loving the area and the weather that it had to offer, they ended up getting a video that they were sharing with friends when they realized this might just be the place for them. At first they sought out Sequim, but soon realized that Port Ludlow was a better fit. The milder weather and year round greenery really filled the bill. That was 19 years ago and they haven't looked back. 

The Ludlow Bay Realty/ Admiralty Property Management is glad to have Dean and all that he brings to our team.