It is that time of year again! Time to winterize your rental.

The following is a helpful checklist for you:

*Remove hoses from outdoor spigots and drain before coiling them for storage in the garage if you have one.
*Install styrofoam covers on all outdoor spigots.
*Check outdoor lights and replace bulbs if needed.
*Check furnace filters and replace as needed. This chore helps out with heating costs.
*Now is a good time to pull the fridge out and clean under and behind. They work hard in the summer months and cleaning around them helps them to run more efficiently.
*This is also a good time to clean out your kitchen and bathroom sink drains as well as your tub/shower drain. Hardware stores carry plastic strip drain cleaners that really make a quick job of it.
*On the coldest nights (below zero- up to about 20 degrees), run just a small dripping amount of water on faucets that are on an exterior wall (eg: kitchen faucet if the sink is at a window looking outside.)
*It is always good to have de-icer on hand to reduce any slipping on steps and pathways. If you choose to use clay cat litter for this purpose, remember that it may require extra clean up in the spring.
*Consider a new doormat and/or boot tray to cut down on
tracking in the rain and muck