Confusion is a part of every life, how we handle it is what makes the difference between living a life of peace or living a life of chaos. My dad, Karl Barden was well known for saying, “Over communicate and have success, under communicate and have a mess.” Personally, I have found that living by this simple mantra is extremely helpful.
Striving to live a life of peace requires careful planning, especially as we live in a world with so many distractions and so many details with which we need to keep up. Using an online calendar/planner or pen and notepad are essential tools, but just as important is being able to retrieve the information. I have been setting alarms and reminders on my devices to help me be successful. My challenge is making time to learn how to use tools available to me.
The older I get the busier I seem to become and the more I find I need to write things down, not just to remember them, but also to bring me a sense of peace. Using tools can help us all to live a more peaceful measured life and keep us from unnecessary stress and anxiety.