Here at Admiralty Property Management we value our tenants and our aim is always to be "Leading and Serving with Excellence." One way in which we facilitate this is by having Julianne Kobelin our resident rental specialist as part of our team. She is the one who answers your calls during our regular office hours of Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 5:00. She works hard to handle any needs that arise. She does an excellent job of responding to her messages, so if she is not able to answer, feel free to leave her a message.

Julianne,  our mountain mover is always ready to go to bat for you when you are in need of a repair! She is here to coordinate repairs for you. She wants to remind you that once she has contacted you, if you do not hear from the vendor she sets up for you within 24 hours, please call and let her know. She will contact the vendor and make sure things get moving along. 

When contacting us by email for appliance repairs at please include appliance brand/make, model number and serial number. A brief description of the problem along with a picture really helps us in diagnosing the trouble with our trusted vendors. 

As always, we value you and it's our pleasure serving your rental needs.