This is a time of year that many folks make commitments to go through their belongings and get rid of things they don’t need or use on a regular basis. I have a friend that does a bag-a-day for forty days every year. She either donates or tosses a bag everyday and when spring arrives she is free to enjoy the new season. As a renter, this type of challenge always makes for easier moves. Downsizing is never fun to do at the time, but the results are incredibly freeing.
I try to do this on a regular basis. I go through different areas of my belongings from sewing and crafting to travel supplies. I ask myself tough questions such as; do I love it, when was the last time I used it, and would I really miss it or replace it if it got lost. Priorities change over time and my time with family and friends has become more valuable to me than material goods. So downsizing just makes sense.
My husband and I sold our home this summer and I had three moving sales during our moving/downsizing process. We have been in our new place for 7 months so I debated as to whether I would take the challenge this year. I decided that I would, I am glad that I did. I went through all my travel items and donated two bags and tossed another full bag. The space gained in my closet was amazing! It is so much easier to maintain a space that isn’t crammed full! Knowing that some of the donated items may go on to new homes make letting go that much easier.
I encourage you to do some downsizing this month. Then plan a fun outing with family and friends to celebrate!